no river twice   

is a multi-vocal, interactive, improvisational poetry reading & performance group I've founded in which audience determines the direction of each performance from beginning to end, poem by poem, co-creating a reading with poets that is never the same twice.

It's surprising, fun, engaging and never boring! And we create cento poems from the connecting lines-- poems made by audience and poets together.

our mission...

To create invigorated, communal, wide-ranging poetry readings where the audience actively participates with a group of poets to determine the direction, subject, and tone of each reading, creating a new experience on each occasion; and to promote and encourage the art and craft of poetry as a connective and communal experience.

      a little background....

     The idea for an improvised poetry performance like no river twice arose from a reading I was part of at the Virginia Festival of the Book in 2010 with Aaron Baker and Ed Skoog. The three of us had never read together, but we, and the audience, discovered with delight a few running motifs through the reading— the most glorious one being the “Pig Motif.” Aaron read a poem about elaborate preparations for a wedding in Papua, New Guinea, I followed it with my poem “Self Portrait With the Smithfield Ham We Had to Cut on The Bandsaw” and Ed followed that with a poem that included a pack of wild pigs running through a graveyard in Texas. The experience lifted everyone in the room with the innocent pleasure of play, connection and interactivity between poets and audience.

     no river twice is an experiment in how to bring that playfulness, surprise and communal participation into the realm of poetry readings. We welcome your feedback questions and interest !   -- Hayden Saunier

Next NRT performances:

We are going virtual! with a series of short No River Twice zoom readings!

Next: November 11 7-8 pm via zoom. email or for more info!