The interconnectedness of everything on earth, how we belong to it all, how permeable boundaries are between us and the natural world, how things sing and what they sing of are rendered with aching acuity. Whether a poem’s focus shines on a “rump sprung sofa,” a turkey vulture, or dazzling autumn trees described as “sugar maple drama queens,” even evanescence becomes rich and luminous in these poems. This is a gorgeous, precise and deeply graceful collection.


                                                                                                   --Amy Gerstler

These are poems that demand to be reread, not because there is anything difficult or obscure about them, but because, like gemstones in just the right light at just the right angle, they sparkle so magically.   

                                                                                           -The Philadelphia Inquirer

...the poems’ serious contemplation of mortality and wilderness binds them together and makes them as important as any you’ll read this year.

                                                                                          -Broad Street Review

“Hayden Saunier is a poet of wit, irony, and a huge generosity of heart. Her voice is wise, deep, and resonant with wonder variations in tone, technique, and an attention to the line that gives her poems the sort of full and memorable body you hope for when you open a new wine that carried a curious and somewhat haunting label.”


                                             --Laure-Anne Bosselaar, from the Foreword, SAY LUCK 

“In these lucid and intriguing elegies, at the cold heart of calamity, there is a calm. This calm, a kind of wisdom, does not so much console as teach us that in the face the tragic one cannot help, at least for some time, to remain inconsolable.  You will find, in spite of what I have just said, that these poems are funny and humane, sharpened by Saunier’s razor-edged wit. She tunes these poems with a keen ear and perfected pitch for the music of the American language. This is a breathtaking and stunning debut.”


                                                                                                                --Eric Pankey

Saunier's takes on the classics are refreshingly irreverent... There's plenty of grit to match the sparkle on display here....


                                                                                       -The Philadelphia Inquirer any remarkable book, offers good company for the long distances we must travel.  It helps us to face what must be faced.”  


                                                                                                      --Christopher Bursk












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