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New work current or upcoming in

The Dodge, The Lascaux ReviewOne Art, 

River Heron Review, Plume, UCity Review.

Thank you to The Broadkill Review, River Heron Review, and Autumn Sky Poetry

for three Pushcart nominations in 2022!

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"These beautiful poems create a heightened awareness of how all things are connected. From the people who came before us, whether they built our physical house or built our family, to the natural world—dirt, sky, sun, moon, trees, coyotes, seasons, horses, fruit, flowers. It is all there for the taking; we have only to look for it."


                                                --The Compulsive Reader



new poems 

available now

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Bare Bones Filmmakers made this lovely 2 minute short film of "Cold Morning with New Catastrophes."

This poem first appeared in Radar  and is in my new book, A Cartography of Home

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